Drevesin-D2 Glue For All Types Of Wood 250 gr

Application area

Glue joiner's for a tree "Wood D2" is intended for pasting of massive breeds of a tree, the pro-thinned-out bar, furniture details, plywood, a chipboard, DVP, a laminate, a door cloth, decorative paper and laminated plastic, an interline interval. Pasting in a hot and cold way of all types of wood.

It is used both in construction at repair work, as an additive to construction solutions, and at daily small use in life.


  • heat resistant;
  • moisture resistant (D2);
  • fast drying;
  • elastic;
  • after drying forms a seam resistant to mechanical loads;
  • high adhesion to all wooden surfaces;
  • does not contain solvents.


Performance of work

For better quality bonding, the surface should be flat, dry (wood moisture not more than 12%), clean, without dust. Work to be performed at a temperature not lower than + 10 ° С. Apply evenly a thin layer to one or both (for hardwood) surfaces, press the parts firmly and fix for 15-20 minutes. Remove adhesive residue. Drying time 1.5-2 hours, operation after 24 hours.

Clean tools immediately after use with water. Dried glue can only be removed mechanically.

Average consumption is 100-150 g / m2.

Storage conditions

At a temperature of + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C, out of range of direct sunlight and away from heating appliances.


Average consumption                        100-150 g / m2

Weight                                             0.25 kg

For indoor or outdoor use                  For interior work

Warranty period of storage                24 months

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