Polymeric Glue 0,8 l TM Decostyle

Application area

The Eco-Dragon universal glue is used for gluing products from expanded polystyrene, wood, cork, floor coverings, artificial and genuine leather, paper, cardboard, fabric. And also for bonding the above materials with each other and in different combinations. In this case, one of the surfaces must be porous.


Porous: concrete, plastered, cement-lime, plasterboard, wooden.


· Water polymer;

· High adhesive;

· Heat resistant;

· Elastic;

· Universal;

· Without solvents;

· After drying, forms a strong transparent glue seam resistant to mechanical loads.


Based on high quality synthetic resin with functional additives.

Performance of work

Work at a temperature not lower than + 10 ° C. Apply Eco Dragon on a clean, flat and dry surface with a thin layer or dotted line. After 2-5 minutes connect the surfaces to be glued. Setting time 1 hour. Full drying time 24 hours, depending on humidity and temperature.

Glue can be diluted with clean water.

The average consumption for polystyrene foam is 50 g / m².


Store at + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C. Avoid sunlight on the container. Short-term freezing of glue to -15 ° C without loss of properties after defrosting is allowed.

Shelf life 18 months from date of manufacture.


Colour                                            Transparent

Average consumption                      50 g / m2

Volume                                          0.8 l, 0.4 l, 0.2 l

For indoor or outdoor use                For interior work

Warranty period of storage              18 months

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