Duropolymer is a composite high-impact polymer, made from expanded polystyrene under high pressure. Duropolymer end products have a high density of 320–390 kg / m3 (polyurethane on the order of 150–250 kg / m3), which makes it possible to use them as a decor for floors, doors, walls, etc.
Also, compared with products from polyurethane, duroprofili do not give transverse or linear shrinkage, they do not crack.
The ART PLINTEX® range includes both baseboards and platbands.
Floor plinth gives the floor a finished look, is an important element of the whole interior. In addition to the aesthetic functions, the plinth hides the formed joints between the floor and the wall, eliminates the penetration of dust, dirt and moisture. A special cable channel in the plinth is designed to hide telephone wires and other communications.
The casing for the doors is a decorative part that not only closes the assembly seam and protects the insulation materials from contact with UV light, but also gives the entrance space a refined look.

Stability and durability in operation

The increased impact resistance of duropolymer allows the use of products made from this material in areas subject to mechanical stress (moving furniture, blows of children's toys, etc.). By strength, duropolymer is comparable to such wood species as beech and oak. Designed for approximately 20-30 years of operation.

Moisture resistance and resistance to temperature extremes

Due to the fact that duropolymer is not exposed to the negative effects of water and moisture, it is resistant to temperature extremes, baseboards, platbands of this material can be used to decorate bathrooms, dressing rooms, fireplaces, kitchen worktops at the junction with the wall.

Unpretentious care

Duropolymer products are unpretentious in care. It is enough to wipe the plinth with a damp cloth and it will look like new.

Ability to hide communications

Using decorative duropolymer products, it is possible to make electrical wiring indoors in the simplest way, to lay along the wall at the floor level a different number of cables depending on their diameter.

Ready-to-use product

ART Plintex® products are finished products that do not require mandatory painting. If desired, dyuropolymer products can be colored in any color you like. Duropolymer baseboards are well tolerated by repeated staining with water-dispersion or acrylic paints. It is recommended to apply paint to the plinth before installation: this will eliminate the need to create additional protection for the wall and floor. To paint on the surface of the profile there are no brush strips, it is better to paint with a thick composition or to apply paint in 2-3 layers.

Easy installation

Installation of duropolymer products is an easy procedure, as it is carried out by gluing. Special grooves on the back side of the baseboard contribute to the even distribution of the adhesive for better fixation. It is recommended to use polyvinyl acetate, polymeric, acrylic adhesives.

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