Lining composite with vapor barrier TM San Dezor 3 mm (10м2)

The top layer of polyethylene is in contact with the finishing floor covering - laminate. It is very tight, this design allows it to be an excellent protection against moist environment. Plus, in the process of laying on a cement screed or concrete floor it is not necessary to open an additional layer of polyethylene film.
The bottom layer is marked with a logo. It is placed over the rough floor. It is made of a special polyethylene film with numerous microscopic holes. When moisture enters the inside of the surface, it penetrates between these foamed granules, which are not exposed to moisture. In this case, due to ventilation, moisture exits from the end parts of the material, which is always located near the walls of the room. Yes, it does not harm the floor covering and simply goes into the atmosphere of the room itself.

European norms CEN / TS1635
(Association of European Manufacturers of Laminated Flooring)

Heating / cooling floor (R)
Maximum permissible value of thermal insulation (R) for the entire floor covering:
Floor heating system: R≤ 0,15 m2K / W
Floor cooling system: R≤0.10 mK / W

San Decor
Rλ - 0,04 m2K / W

Insulation (Rλ) (only lining)
Minimum requirement (lining only):
Rλ≥ 0.075 m2K / W

San Decor
Rλ - 0,04 m2K / W

Eliminating inequalities:
Minimum requirement: PC≥ 0.5 mm

San Decor
PC up to 2.3mm

Moisture Protection (SD)
Minimum requirement: SD≥ 75m

San Decor
SD ≥ 400m

Load protection (DL, CC, CS)
DL dynamic load when walking
CC long static load (from furniture)
CS is a temporary load from heavy items

Minimum requirement: Increased requirements:
DL ≥ 10,000 cycles           DL ≥ 10,000 cycles
CC ≥ 2 kPa CC ≥ 20 kPa   CS ≥ 10 kPa CS ≥ 60 kPa

San Decor
CC - 18 kPa
CS - 60 kPa

Protection from falling objects (RBL)
RBL (impact strength) the higher the value, the higher the floor surface protection it can provide.

Minimum requirement:         Increased requirements:
RBL ≥ 50 cm                           RBL ≥ 120 cm

San Decor
RBL ≥ 130 cm

Impact Noise Reduction (IS)
Minimum requirement:       Increased requirements:

IS ≥ 14 dB                           IS ≥ 18 dB
(reducing the noise level by 10 dB corresponds to a decrease in the perception of the human ear volume of sound twice)

San Decor
IS is 25 dB

Quantity in the box: 6 pack.

Special development

The whole structure was specially developed just for solid laminated flooring;

Ventilated space

The layers are specially designed for laying floors in a floating way. Today it is the only product that allows you to remove moisture that has accidentally entered due to natural ventilation;


The high elasticity of such flooring allows you to hide minor irregularities of the foundation, and therefore, it is not necessary to create a perfectly flat subfloor (a unique saving of time and money);


Filling of cavities and crevices

This quality makes the coating ideal even for slats with a board thickness of 7-8 mm. So, you can always level the base, even under solid finishing flooring;

Moisture resistance

Double the level of protection against the penetration of moisture allows you to forget about possible deformation and swelling;

Synthetic composition

100% synthetic materials are an advantage, because it is synthetic fibers that make the layer more stable and reduce the likelihood of bacterial destruction, as is the case with cork base, for example;


Buy a Solid Professional Series series is worth it also because it is suitable for those rooms with heated floors. This layer meets all European standards and requirements;


Ideally smooth base for hard laminated coating. It allows you to hide any roughness and unevenness to make the flooring perfect;

Resilience of deformation

The design perfectly keeps its shape, without changing its physical and technical characteristics for a long time;

Simplicity and speed of installation

The layer evenly keeps within a draft basis. This simplifies the primary installation several times, and also facilitates the joining of seams. As a result, you can save a lot of time.

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